Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ecclectic Me

If Ecclectic is code for cheap (I mean thrifty), then yes.

I realized this past weekend that I do not have enough silverware to serve 12 people. I know...it's crazy.

I priced the silverware at the Devil Store, but decided that I was unwilling to invest another $50 into the Thanksgiving dinner that is already breaking my bank.

So...my options:

1. Borrow silverware from a friend [which has been offered--thank you!]

2. Buy plastic silverware

3. Go to the Salvation Army and purchase mismatched silverware to go with my mismatched goblets.

At 4 pieces for $1, I couldn't go wrong. My "new" silverware is sitting in hot bleach water right now. Yay for the Salvation Army. They have solved my silverware needs.

I went to Target right afterwards...to purchase some hardware to fix up some last minute things, and a brand spanking new box of Apples to Apples.

I wonder if that makes me two-faced.


At 07:37, Blogger Fin said...

Nah, not two faced. Just "shopping diverse."

Glad to hear you got the stuff you needed!

At 07:47, Anonymous irene said...

I'm surprised you have more than 12 chairs!!!

I could never host a Thanksgiving dinner......

At 08:51, Blogger Kassi said...


just kidding. my husband inherited his mother's dining table which seats 10, and we have a folding table for the kids. :)

At 09:13, Blogger Jill said...

That sounds like tons of fun having the silverware from Salvation Army. On stuff like that, it always makes me wonder about the stories behind them. I wonder what tables they have graced. I think that's great!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

At 09:55, Blogger Kassi said...

Ohhh..that's a really cool take on it Jill. Can I use that on Thanksgiving when my family asks me why none of my silverware match?

At 11:27, Blogger scott said...

That does not make you two-faced. Do you know what would make you two-faced in this situation?

Do you?

I'll tell you: Being a conjoined twin would make you two-faced.

That's awful. I know. I know. Please tell me you're not a conjoined twin. God, I hope none of your readers are conjoined twins.

I'm not even going to post this. I'm going to close without posting it. This goes TOO FAR.

Hello, Kassi.



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