Thursday, October 27, 2005

Thrillsville Update

Enter the Park

Yes, this was our third trip to Cedar Point this year. I'm not sure why we opted to do this, but we did. And I am glad that for once, I was able to experience a Halloweekend.

It wasn't as spooky as I had hoped it would be, but perhaps my extreme familiarity with the park itself had something to do with that.

We did get to ride the Raptor, which is ever so much better when the park is dark and obscured by numerous fog machines. We also rode the Millenium Force twice.

While on the M.F. I tried B's tactic of total relaxation. I didn't pass out as he did, but I did not experience the stomach drop sensation that usually accompanies roller coaster rides. I actually felt "one" with the coaster as I zipped and glided along the track. Pretty cool actually.

We also took on the Wicked Twister. However, we did not ride Top Thrill Dragster. In our past 2 years of visits, the ride hasn't actually piqued our interest. I guess I'm not interested in this particular concept ride that shoots you 400 feet into the air at a 90 degree angle. Not so much.

Chicken? Perhaps. But the line to ride this particular attraction has been too long of a wait, therefore not worth wasting my time.

We did check out one spooky attraction; Werewolf Canyon. It wasn't too hokey. Each one of us jumped at least once. For me, the creepiest part was the slaughterhouse at the end hosted by man sized pigs sporting butcher knives...which may rear it's little head as a feature in the next episode of my Red Creek game. We'll see.

I liked how the midway was all lit like the old carnivals. I liked how the narrow lanes were fogged and lit with red lights so that people walking through would slowly obscure then disappear in red mist.

I did get one good scare...I felt a tapping on my shoulder, and thought it was my son...but I quickly ascertained that everyone in my group was in my sight, therefore the one tapping me on my shoulder was not anyone I knew...that was creepy. Caleb didn't even notice and I was holding his hand. I sacrificed Brain in that endeavor pushing him between me and whatever was behind me without a glance back. Sorry Brain.

Ghost Swings on Water

We did get to ride the swings, which is one of my favorites of all time. I haven't been on this ride in YEARS. And I learned that night, it still makes my stomach loopy. Funny how speeding a long a track at 85 miles per hour and down a 320 ft hill is 'easy', while the swings, trip me out. I think it is the thought that there is a higher probability that the chains will break than the roller coaster car shooting off the end of the track.

Oh, and Caleb and I watched "Rosemary's Baby" on Tuesday night. Caleb had never seen it before. I endured his endless stream of questions throughout. Hoping that my answers would fill in the blanks for him, and that perhaps he would find some merit in the story. There is nothing quite like sitting through the part where Ro realizes that her baby is laying in a black basinette, and someone is exclaiming "Is she going to kill it?".."She should kill it", over and over again. At the end his final thought was "that was stupid", and then continued with asking what the point. What was the movie trying to say...

To be honest, I don't know what the point was other than to creep the viewer out, and make them think, so I made up that in the face of evil, the instict of motherhood was the greater force, or some nonsense like that.

Then, last night we were watching Batman vs. Dracula [which was actually REALLY good (and dark) for a cartoon], and someone walked past our back sliding glass door. I could see thier silouhette. So I commented to Caleb that someone is back there, and what does he do? He walks over and says "really?...who?" pulls back the blinds and opens.the.door. (???) Not only does he open the door, but he LEAVES IT OPEN and sits back down on the couch. (????)

That in itself is proof enough that if we were going to be overtaken by zombies, Caleb would open the door and let them in.

Jiminy Cricket!!

Why don't you give them an engraved invitation while you're at it?!? I'll fill up the inkpot with blood, heres a quill...

We are going to a Halloween Party tomorrow night. Not sure yet if we are going to really dress up or not. Probably not, just for comfort reasons. I'll probably just do something dark and gothy. Bah.


At 08:40, Blogger Kelly said...

Kassi, your love for Halloween is infectious. I have an affection for the holiday, too - it's just so darn fun. I always throw back the curtains, and open the door, like an idiot. If you don't hear from me one day, you'll know why. (Have you seen Shaun of the Dead? I LOVE that movie!!) xo

At 09:04, Blogger Kassi said...

Shaun of the Dead is HILARIOUS! My husband and I saw it when if first came out, and we still get a giggle out of "Did you lock the door?"

secret word: "hanks"
A very successful actor.


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