Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Coulda Used a Cork

Merlin died. Not today. About a week or so ago. He wasn't able to swim any longer, he just sat at the bottom of his bowl. His fins moved, but his spine was all bent. He couldn't eat. I looked up on the internet what might be wrong with him. Apparently he was over fed. I know who over fed him, but it is no use to bring it up. The culprit is way too young to understand that an entire container of fish food is just too much.
Anyway, I found out today that I could have taken Merlin in to get surgery to straighten his spine and fix his floater. Unfortunately it is too late now. Adieu Adieu Adieu.

Fish surgery: The "something new" I learned today.

Merlin in his glory days


At 13:32, Blogger Kelly said...

Merlin is certainly in Glory now. We have four goldfish that keep getting bigger and refusing to die, like normal goldfish. We're going to have to build a pond for them soon, although their tank currently resembles one, and I don't mean in an artistic, Japanese way, either.

Gol, surgery on a fish. Who would ever?


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