Sunday, October 02, 2005

I'm Hooooome! Yargh!

At long last the festival is over. This means that I get my husband back on the weekends. Yes, he came home every evening [late], but he came home tired, sore, and relatively unsociable after a day of walking around, bag piping, and being an enigmatic performer for 10 long hours in whatever weather Michigan decided to provide, and to a not so cultured audience.

He has come home, but he hasn’t really been MY husband…not the one I married anyway. All the happy-go-lucky is saved for the patrons of the festival, where he is paid to be overly accommodating and amplified. Whereas, me I’m not paying him to be nice, therefore…he hasn’t been, and neither have I.

This goes on for 7 weeks every summer.

I don’t mind that he does the festival, don’t get me wrong. It is the one time of the year that he can actually put to work his artistic talent and education; something that I have always encouraged him to do.

However, after the 4th week, I am ready to have him home. By week 5 I am totally sick of him being gone on the weekends, and the fighting begins, and on the 7th week…well, homecoming is as if he has been away on a temporary duty tour for the past 8 months: total relief.

So, for the past few days we have been enjoying the fact that he is finally free on the weekends to spend time with us, and I am totally reveling in the fact that we have done more laughing than fighting, or at least the score is evening out...which couldn’t come at a better time…

October 8 = year 1

P.S. Caleb I am NOT getting you this hat for Christmas. Stop.asking.


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