Saturday, July 09, 2005


What happens when you take a perfectly good dreamer and force them into a life that is laden with responsibility...

...don't answer that question. It was redundant. I already know the answer.

All the lines blur. And everything that you thought you wanted was just a smokescreen, distracting you enough to make you believe that it was the right road.

Unfortunately, smoke doesn't hold.

And you begin to wonder what could have been.

And you angst for what was.

The reality that you created starts to smolder.

Because what turned you away from what you had been dreaming for so long is fear. And when you wake up to that truth, nothing you have is good enough. Nothing you've done is right. And the life that you built is a tangle of webs.

Webs to a flame.

You catch glimpses of that flame, licking at your world. And your reaction is incomprehensible. But certainly it isn't your fault.

Why why why...

What could have been...if you only had chosen differently. But you already know what could have been, it is no mystery. It is in the eyes of a person you never met...all because you were afraid.

Cold comfort is your reality.

Nothing can compare to what could have's all in your head.

Through the looking glass, a dissolved web shatters into a thousand pieces like a mirror to a marble floor, because someone's reality is another's dream.


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