Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Pink Kryptonite

A little known fact is that Mary Kay equips her beauty consultants with a pink power ring. Contained within the dazzling pink stone is the ability to soothe, persuade, coordinate, and most importantly have a cheerful attitude through all circumstances [like changing diapers and chasing down rude drivers].

Last night one of these powerful rings was bequeathed to ME.

I wonder if I should come up with a super hero name now...hmmm..The Pink Lantern [?] no...something more original...

Actually, I received this ring from my director as a reward for completing a challenge. I also received a bunch of other things, but the pink ring was my goal. Duh.

Now I can be a true SAHM super hero...because there has to be a source for my power. So if you are an obnoxious SUV driver watch your rear view mirror for...THE PINK GLARE!!!

"Be Ware...The Pink Glare"

Dang...I need a T-Shirt made.


At 11:56, Anonymous Scott C. said...

Wow! Way to go on reaching your goal! I'm still glad I wasn't convinced to do a facial, though. :P

So what color is your weakness, Pink Lantern??

At 12:40, Blogger Kassi said...

I'm the Pink Glare...not the Pink Lantern :)

I have no color weakness, in fact...colors are my forte. It is too bad you didn't get a facial...actually I have a lot of guy friends who have received one, and loved it. The mask helps to soften stubble, and prevent razor burn. Someday you'll come out of your shell and realize that being guy can also include being pampered a little. Men have skin too...and women like men with healthy looking skin.

At 15:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh shiney!


At 22:33, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Isn't that the ring that Ben gave J.Lo?

At 08:18, Blogger Kassi said...

Yes...yes it is.

At 17:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pink Kryptonite

At 18:03, Anonymous kassi said...

Ha! That's hilarious! :)


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