Monday, July 04, 2005

Mess Factor

Yesterday I realized once again why my house is messy. Not because my two oldest children are away, because when it comes down to it...while they do help around the house, I am usually too picky for them to meet the standards that I keep.

The reason my house has been a total disaster lately is because for the last month I have not had guests over. I decided at the beginning of June that I shouldn't be doing anything socially because I was quite probably failing my class [which thankfully I did not]. So, in order to make myself focus...I went cold turkey on seeing any friends. It was tough...and I recieved a few emails asking if I was still alive.

Understand that we have people over at least once a week. So it gave me incentive to keep my house clean. Dishes done every day...vacuumed floors, clean bathroom...etc. etc.

With no one coming over, and a very low probability of anyone 'dropping by' I just didn't exert the effort. Not that I don't think my family deserves to have a clean living space, but I am less inclined to clean for them than I am for guests. For me, it's the difference between being a "hostess" and a "maid".

Our place isn't the best. We live in an older town house. Our furniture is a hodge podge of hand me downs and sale items. We don't have any Ethan Allen or Broyhill in our home...maybe some day. The only new thing we have is our bed, which we purchased with our wedding money.

Some day we'll have our permanent furniture...but not until we have our permanent address. However, I usually make exacting efforts to make what we have cozy and clean so that if any one does drop by we wouldn't be embarrassed.

Yesterday was the first friend we had over in a month, and I looked around and realized we had to clean. So we did. And there were no arguments.

For the past month there had been arguments of who should be doing what...

I guess knowing that no one was coming over made it a good excuse to just be lazy. However, we've opened our doors let the socializing [and cleaning] begin...


At 00:18, Blogger desertUndine said...

That's so funny - I clean much more thoroughly too when I know that's company is coming. It used to be great because we'd have a clean house most of the time.

Now that I babysit and have people over every day, it's getting harder, especially since the people coming over help make the house a bigger mess.

At 11:02, Blogger Kassi said...

I ran a home daycare service in my home for 3 years...yes...I know that type of messiness. However, at the time I had a lot of help with housecleaning...via husband and a cleaning person once a week. Mainly because after caring for the children all day--I was exhausted!

At 22:33, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Bah-hah - company is the ONLY reason I clean, too - and for the hermit that is me to ask people over, you KNOW my house is a pit...


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