Thursday, July 07, 2005

Undeniably God

I think that I may have mentioned at some point that I had tried to withdraw from a Small Business Management Course in 2002. However, I tried too late, and then received an F in the course. The reasons why I did that are irrelevant...however I am seeing how God has worked it out. Because I remember at the time how undeniably low I felt for having to make that decision. Having to take that blow. It was hard.

But now...

I see why God wanted me to wait.

Here I am taking a course that totally validates my business venture in Mary Kay. To state it clearly...Independent Beauty consultants for Mary Kay were listed as entrepreneurs in the lecture for my class. How cool is that?

I am taking this class at the right time of my life. When it will help me the most. Now THAT is undeniably God.


At 08:40, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

What a great title! And a great post...


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