Friday, July 01, 2005


Yesterday evening while pulling into our drive I was greeted by the scene of my daughter's babysitter walking around the park with a concerned look on his face. The next thing I immediately noticed was the fact that Kimi was

I pulled up and asked what happened...he informed me that he couldn't find her...and my mind exploded with every conceivable horrid scenario that could happen to a child of three who is missing. I seriously watch too much news.

I quickly parked the car and ran into the house, and started calling her name. Within two seconds I was answered by an enthusiastic little voice "Mamma!"..."hi mamma"...and laughter.

She was hiding.

I knew she was hiding as soon as I saw the babysitter's face...

(The morbid imaginings are the result of years of highly skilled worrying-BECAUSE I HAVE KIDS)

...I knew...because she has done this to me on several heart stopping occasions. One of which was when Caleb and I fell asleep on the living room floor like a couple of cats on a sunny Sunday afternoon and Abi left the front door open when she went outside to play.

We woke up and Kimi was no where to be found. Believing that she had followed Abi outside. We burst out of the house, calling out her name repeatedly, breathlessly, maniacally.

The neighbor kids started taking up the search with us. The more we called out to her, the less she answered. As a result I had my hand on the phone to dial 9-1-1 and that is when I heard the mischevious giggles of a small three year old.

She was hiding under my desk shoving the last pieces of gum from a 12-pack of cinnamon Orbit into her mouth with the biggest smile on her face. As if to say "I win-I ate your gum all gone..."

Quite frankly, the only reason she answered me yesterday was because I was not her babysitter, her unwittingly designated "finder" in her game of impromtu hide-and-seek. (or more specifically her targeted victim of subjection to fright and anxiety)

It sucks when the three year old is outsmarting the adults. We don't even know we are playing a game...pawns...we are all pawns I tell you. It's a good thing they rely on us for transportation.


At 13:57, Blogger Matthew said...

It might be better if you tie the kid to a stake in the backyard like a naughty puppy.

At 14:16, Blogger Kassi said...

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At 16:11, Anonymous Amanda B. said...

Holy crap. I had a mini-stroke just reading this. Maybe I don't want offspring after all. Ackackack.

I'm glad the little one was safe and sound. :D

At 17:27, Blogger Kassi said...

Amanda: Safe, sound, and sometimes wiley. Thankfully she hasn't actually escaped outside...yet. We are careful to keep the doors shut and locked.

At 08:58, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

YIKES! I bet next time you call that babysitter, he will be "busy." :)
I remember one night my little sister (who was about seven at the time) disappeared, and my parents couldn't find her. They searched the house, then went out in the VERY dark African night and started yelling for her, then they came back in the house and tried again. They finally found her fast asleep under the pillows at the head of their waterbed - she had been hiding while my mom took a bath, and fell asleep while waiting for them to find her. At moments like that, you don't know whether to shake 'em or kiss 'em!

At 12:18, Blogger Kassi said...

that is exactly the feeling....


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