Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Feeding the Birds

On Saturday we went for a three hour bike ride. I prepared for it by stuffing a back pack full of water, Propel, grapes and granola bars. However prepared we were, it didn't stop us from buying ice cream.

On the way back home we did eat some of the grapes, and as we got started moving Kimi ended up dropping some of hers on the ground. As we sped away, she started crying because she wanted her grapes back. To console her [and to save myself from listening to her wails over two lost grapes], I told her that the birdies will eat them. And because Kimi is keeper of the birds, it worked, and we were quietly, contently on our way.

Today at the doctor's office, Kimi was sitting on my lap in the doctor's chair. To keep her busy and happy I had given her some of those gummy dinosaur treats. Having the table manners of a three year old, she talks and eats at the same time, and inevitably one of them fell out of her mouth and onto the floor.

I was worried that I would have to argue with her about not getting it back and prepared myself for a scene, when she turned to me with an earnest expression on her face and in her big eyes and matter of factly told me "It's okay mom, the birdies will eat it".

How can I argue with that?


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