Thursday, July 07, 2005


Last night I went to Hallmark in my big old blue pick up truck to buy some birthday cards. I have been diligent this year about sending everyone in both mine and Caleb's family a birthday card. So, keeping them on hand is important.

I like Hallmark shops. Each one has a variety of interesting "gifty" things to look at. But I never usually buy them. Except if it is a pen. I have a serious pen fetish. I saw some really cool photo frames. But they were $45, and that was just too expensive.

Anyway, I had to adjust my towel a few times. The one that was on my head drying my hair was okay, but the dark blue towel wrapped around me kept shifting.

I decided that if I was going to do more shopping in Ann Arbor that I should pick up some clothes. They had some cute t-shirts at Hallmark, but wearing a t-shirt without a bra is illegal in my world. I'd have to plan my clothes shopping strategically...bra first.

It was at about this time that I spied someone I hadn't seen in a very long time. She is a girl I played with in elementary school. We were pretty good friends back then, so I didn't feel any reservation in asking her if she remembered me. Rhonda didn't look very different. Same blonde hair, same freckles. Only now she has two children...both unmistakably hers.

Rhonda did recognize me, but when she smiled, it didn't reach her eyes. She promptly informed me that the reason why no one played with me in elementary school was because I was bossy.

I was bombared with sullen memories of standing on the play ground by myself.

I tried to think back on that time and remember if I WAS bossy. And I couldn't really remember if I had been. I plead my case by saying that maybe she was mixing me up with someone else. Maybe it was Lorie she was thinking of, or Laura. No, she was me. In fact Lorie and Laura agreed with her.

Well, there I was standing in my dark blue bath towel, with a white towel wrapped around my head feeling a bit vulnerable and confused.

Was I really mean and bossy? I couldn't remember. Maybe I have blocked it out of my memory...maybe I have a convenient memory, only remembering what I horrible.

I decided to leave Hallmark. I wasn't in the mood to buy birthday cards any longer. So I got back up in my blue truck and started to maneuver out of the parking lot. The stick shift kept sticking, and I ground the gears a bit, but finally made it on to the road.

Rhonda was leaving as well, and she had to wait for me to move my lumbersome truck so that she could get her tiny Honda out onto the road as well. I could see her in my mirrors and every time I moved into a lane, I was blocking her path, she was giving me dirty looks as a result.

Maybe I was bossy and mean.

Plainly defeated, I decided to make my way to a sweet shop for some Boston Cream Pie.


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