Friday, July 01, 2005


Three more classes until I graduate.

I just took a gander at my transcript. There are a lot of withdrawals on there, especially Spring/Summer 2002. There is also an F.

However on July 5 I can start the process of redeeming myself of that F, because I am taking the class over.

I recall that by the time I wanted to withdraw, it was past the deadline. So that really sucked. I wonder if I will have the same instructor.

3 more classes. And I'll be done. I don't exactly know what I will do with myself with all that extra time.

Maybe I'll buy a leotard and become a super hero.

Of course, superheroines are never self conscious in their super hero that won't work.

Maybe I'll drive around looking for obnoxious drivers and exact some justice of my own...

Of course, considering the ticket I just received, I'll need a faster car to evade the authorities. Or invisibility shields.

Just think three classes left and then I will be let loose upon the to develop deflector shields and defense systems for the SAHM. SAHM missles. 3...2...1


At 09:17, Anonymous Nathan Logan said...


What is your degree, again?

It feels great to graduate (albeit a bit scary), so I'm excited for you. Keep up the hard work.

At 14:42, Blogger Kassi said...

Bachelor's of Business Management


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