Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Taylor Daze

Last Friday was an extremely busy, yet highly successful day--except for getting 'lost' in Taylor.

My husband is directionally challenged. Which poses a problem, because he insists on doing all the driving but none of the listening.

I'll start from the beginning...

My plans on Friday included picking up my sister-in-law, Elizabeth, so that we could have an excursion to my favorite salon for a haircut and some highlights. It went very well...up until Kimi decided to poop through all three of her pull ups. This would not have been a problem except that I only packed 2 pull-ups for our 2 hour salon stint. I learned of this while I was still under the dryer with highlighting gunk on my head. I realized this because my daughter was doing one of those dances that indicated she was in extreme discomfort...probably because she had poop stuck to her butt. Ya think?

Anyway...I did the best I could in the situation [No you really don't want me to explain]...because I couldn't exactly leave right then...and we both endured another 1/2 hour at the salon without any screaming [hers or mine]. Thank goodness.

After the salon, and after coming home and giving Kimi a bath we decided that we would like to go to the Taylor Days festival. Caleb's dad was volunteering as an auxillary police officer, directing traffic, and he had some free passes for us. Cool.

So, we waited for Caleb to get home from work...and then headed out. This is where we insert the part when we get lost driving around in circles...and trying to just get Caleb to stay in one lane instead of darting back and forth...and my comments of knowing which way is North, and being able to find my way out of a paper bag unlike some people I know...[Insert Elizabeth laughing quietly here]
We honestly drove around the same 2 mile block 3 times before parking.

Eventually his dad [who is busy directing traffic] shouts at us to just park behind a shopping strip mall, and then comes the part where I have to move a police barricade by myself, and it falls apart...and people are pointing and laughing...Oh yeah, I'm having fun.

So, we finally make it to the festival. Yeah! We were there primarily to watch the fire works. Unfortunately having never been there before...we didn't know where the fireworks display would be taking place. Certainly in the sky...but which direction?

In the meantime we partook of festival food. Cotton candy and caramel apples of course!

Kimi then decided that she wanted to ride some of the rides. Like I WANT to put my youngest daughter on a spinning device ran by people with no teeth. Not that I had much choice...the child was having a coronary.

So, we squeezed our way through the crowds until I came to the 'safest looking' ride there was. So I set the child in the seat, and realized that she would be backwards throughout the ride...but there weren't any other seats left. And truly, do you think I would have tried to take her out of the contraption at this point? Heck no.

So the ride begins and all is well...and then it goes faster. And faster. And faster. At this point I am watching my daughter being whipped around in a circle, the only thing that is holding her in is a flimsly piece of rope that isn't really secured tight into the substandard latch.

She must have seen the look on my face...because it is at this point that the heavens cracked wide open and a torrent of rain and thunder bombarded the earth. [Translation: the child began to wail inconsolably]

I think that the carny actually enjoyed the fact that my child was crying because he ignored my several loud requests to stop the ride. But the ride did stop...and Kimi scrambled into my arms like a monkey escaped from a tiger's paw.

So I thought...great...we are done with rides, we can commence with the fireworks. No luck. Kimi saw the Kreepy Castle. She decided that she wanted to go in.

I think that she failed to see the animatronic skeleton dude that was playing the fake organ right outside the door. I think this because she quite literally flipped out when she was merely 1 foot away from it and it's glaring eye was staring back at her.

So Kreepy Castle was out. But the Fun Zone was in. She and Caleb commenced to walk through the brightly colored metal maze without altercation. I on the other hand Elizabeth and I had to endure loud country music while waiting for them. I think my ears are still bleeding.

Finally...came the fireworks. And thankfully we lucked out and found a good spot. Kimi was in awe of the display, and being that Caleb and I missed fireworks last year and for the Fourth of July, we were finally sated in being able to see a pyrotechnics display that was actually pretty decent.

I had a really good time spending the day with Elizabeth, though I think that next time we will take our chances and just stick with hanging out in Plymouth for the concert in the park.

Less Carny, more Show.


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