Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Him: Weren't you curious why I was laughing in the bathroom a minute ago?

Her: Yes, but I wasn't prepared to ask a question I didn't want the answer to...

Him: Well I was trying to go pee and I couldn't find the hole in my underwear...

Her: Uh huh

Him: ...and I kept trying to find it when it dawned on me...

Her: Uh huh

Him: I felt around in the back, and lo and behold I had my underwear on backwards all day!

Her: Uh...

Him: Isn't that funny?

Her: How many sales did you make today?

Him: 4

Her: Maybe you should wear your underwear backwards every day!


At 08:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go with the sales. Doesn't it seem like backards underwear all day would be unfomfortable?


At 12:26, Blogger Kassi said...

Apparently he couldn't tell the difference until he had to go pee. So, backwards wasn't all that uncomfortable :)


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