Thursday, July 14, 2005

Open Mouth Insert SOMETHING please...!!

Prejudice...that is what may be perceived of me, considering my sense of humor. I am not PC. I don't think that I ever want to be PC.

Not that I wish to cause harm to others for the sake of my own amusement...but because I know that I am not perfect, and my idiosyncrasies are the butt of someone else's jokes...and. that. is. okay. Because I am far from perfect...and I hope that someone finds me amusing.

Of course, I often push my humor to the border of tasteless, and this is something that I DO need to work on. Because in all liklihood I will end up stepping on someone else's sensibilities, and I genuinely won't mean to.

Sometimes my mouth has a tendency of getting away from me before my brain can disengage my vocal chords. And more often than not, I laugh at inappropriate topics. And on more than one occasion I have shocked the pants off of one friend or another. Because pushing the envelope seems to be my trademark.


Scenario: Coworkers, boss, and I talking about the sport of bicycling in the workplace cafeteria.

Boss: Yes, I love to bike ride, it's very zen.

Co-worker: Really? You bike ride? That's so cool!

Boss: Yes, it's great. I just took part in a rally.

Kassi: Gosh I haven't been on a bike rally in a long time...[reminiscing]

Co-worker: What's a bike rally?

Boss: Where you travel a long predetermined distance with other cyclists.

Co-worker: Cool.

Boss: Yes, I have to invest in some better sportswear though.

Co-worker:, do you wear those speed-o things?

Boss: Yes, the ones with the padded butt, they are great, but they wear out.

Kassi: If they wear out well enough, at least you'd have a pair of buttless chaps afterwards.

Boss: *silence*

Co-worker: *snicker*

This is why it is abundantly fortunate that I married Caleb. Because he is even less PC than I am. Of course, this has only managed to fuel my wonky sense of humor...but at least the person who loves me most will be laughing along with me.


At 22:28, Anonymous Scott C. said...

[insert inappropriate comment here]

At 22:30, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Ha - "buttless chaps" - that's not tasteless, it's truly creative (and VERY vivid)!

At 07:44, Blogger Sara You-don't-need-to-know-my-last-name said...

eh - sounds like your boss just doesn't have a good sense of humor. what a jerk :-)

At 08:04, Blogger Kassi said...

You are probably right
But I am used to awkward silence...I just try to fill it up with my own laugh.

At 11:26, Blogger desertUndine said...

I would have laughed if I were there...


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