Thursday, July 14, 2005


I have a friend whose name starts with the letter "K" and they will remain anonymous for my blog purposes, and as respect to them since they don't know I am writing about them...yet.

K is one of the nicest [and coolest] people that I have ever met. And it is no secret that when we first met I developed a mad crush for them.

It was just their personality and charming good looks that won me over. I can honestly say that the attraction was instantaneous. However K is way out of my league, and I am happy to just be in K's presence as a friend and admirer of their wit and honest charm.

At any rate, 6 years later, I have the good fortune of calling K not only a good friend, but also a co-worker. It is strange how life works itself out...and had you told me that I would be friends with, or working with K in the future, I would have giggled ecstatically. So, you can tell that I am very happy that God still blesses my life with these types of surprises.

One of K's philosophy's is "If you can't do, help those who can". It is one of my favorite K'ism's to date. However today K imparted another 'ism' for me to enjoy.

I had noticed that K wasn't at all their usual witty self and in fact, even after a compliment of a nice haircut, K seemed rather down in spirits. So, later I asked what was wrong...why was my friend K in such a dour state.

Without skipping a beat, and very seriously, K replied: "It is too hot to live".

And I of course responded by giggling. Because that is what a fan does when their idol extols some sort of wisdom to which there can be no other response.

Yes, we are experiencing wicked hot weather here in Michigan. And K is right. It is too hot to live. However, K is one of the many reasons why I am so glad that I am.


At 11:28, Blogger desertUndine said...

I'm with K - it is too hot to live.


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