Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sunshine Girl

This morning she left for school, riding her bike on her own. I reminded her about not leaving the key to her bike lock in the basket, and to be careful. Always be careful.

She is growing up. Fast.

She is already showing signs of preferring friends over spending time with the family, but not too often. So I can handle this.

Soon though...she will be asking to hang out with her friends and her time here will be less and less.

We'll disagree,there is no doubt. I have no disillusions of this. She is strong willed, and emotional. However, when her temper sets in, I have been careful to let her express what is upsetting her. This does not mean I condone the behavior, but I do try to understand. These times often end in tears and hugs.

I want her to trust me. That I am not going anywhere, that this is where I want to be, and I want to be her mom. She assures me that she is never going to leave me. She states that when she gets married she will live next door. I know that this will probably not happen. I know how childhood plans and dreams shift, change, and become untouchable.

But for now, it is nice to hear that my daughter loves me, and it is good to know that she realizes I love her and I always will.


At 08:26, Blogger SonSon said...

That's so sweet that she want's to live by you. A good strong relationship now can only help during those difficult teenage years. They do grow up so fast. I'd heard people say that but I never fully understood the truth of it until I had children of my own.


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