Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Max and Booby!

I know that I need to not encourage my children to pronounce things the wrong way, and I am guilty of doing this with all of my children...for instance for the longest time Zac said "Burt" for "Burp", and I know that Abi said a few things 'wrong'...that were too devilishly cute to stop her too soon.

With Kimi I am trying to teach her to say things properly, and sometimes she adamantly refuses...because she could not possibly be wrong.

Her favorite show is about these cute white bunnies, and thier names are "Max" and "Ruby"...but in Kimi's world...they are "Max and Booby".

Tell me that isn't cute and I'll say that you have no idea what it is to enjoy the company of a three year old.


At 14:54, Blogger SonSon said...

My daughter loves Max and Ruby too. She calls them Max and Wooby. Not only do I enjoy their mispronunciations, I often give them words to say just to hear how they would say them.
Mississippi = Sipimsipi
Helicopter = Lelilopter
Hippopotamous = There are no such letters to recreate this sound.

At 16:25, Blogger Kassi said...

I think that the funniest thing yet is that she has become fascinated that we [her parents] have actual names aside from Momma and Poppa...she pronounces Caleb's name as Tay-Bob.

Crack me up!

At 23:33, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

My seven-year old still says "nannaisse" instead of mayonnaise, and I glower at my husband when he corrects him. So what if he is still mispronouncing it when he is twenty-five - I bet his girlfriend/fiance/wife will think its cute too. If she doesn't, he can always come home to his Mama...

At 05:56, Anonymous lawbrat said...

My 6 year old says 'hangurber' I love it. He's always said it like that, lately i've been telling him its 'hamburger', but he's not buying it.

Also, he thinks squirrls are squirtles, like on pokemon.

Kids say some cute stuff!

At 09:27, Blogger Kassi said...

That's awesome! At least now I have some back up on when I get 'the look' when I let my children pronounce things incorrectly...just a little longer...


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