Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Indication #1 that Kassi is depressed/ stressed/ worried/ or otherwise aggravated:

Finishing off a 1 lb tub chocolate frosting. Might I add that any food item that is served or contained in a "tub" should automatically be categorized as "depression food".

Let's do the math: 13 servings per tub x 80 calories of fat per serving = 1040 calories from FAT.

Right to my thighs and butt FAT. I just had my entire days worth of calories in FAT today. F-A-T.

I think I'm going to be sick. No...wait I can't be sick. I have homework to do.


At 13:41, Anonymous Scott C. said...

Give me a few days and I shall assist in either lightening your spirits...or helping you with finishing off another such tub of fat-goodness.

Either way, I say it's win-win! :P

So...will they let me toss a caber, by the way???

At 14:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news. You have to consume 3000 extra calories to gain a pound. I think you are right about food in tubs being linked to depression. My tub of choice is Ben and Jerry's.


At 14:48, Blogger Kassi said...

As if I need any encouragement to buy another tub-o-fat...
love you guys!

At 08:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I vote for a tub-o-fat party after Kassi's classes are over! I'm thinking either Ben and Jerry's or Haagan Daaz.


At 11:19, Blogger Kassi said...

...dont' forget Godiva!


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