Saturday, May 21, 2005

Wake Up Little Suzie

The story that you are about to read is true,
and by true I mean false...
It's a total lie.
It's an entertaining lie,
but in the end isn't that the real truth?
And the answer is no.
-Leonard Nemoy

Rochelle and I got together for lunch. Something that we rarely do, but I felt that I should stick with this appointment as I have been putting things off as of late, and our relationship needed me to be more present, more dedicated. So we got together and chatted a while.

It was nice. We decided after talking for a good long time that we needed to spend more time together like this. I mean our husbands are brothers for goodness sake. We pretty much only have each other when dealing with the quirks of being married into the family.

Rochelle took out a small Mickey Mouse planner. I had been meaning to buy one and I like hers, so I asked her where she bought it. "Target" she replied. I noticed the sale price on it of $1.00, and we laughed over the bargain. I said that I will probably buy 3 or 4 if they have any left.

We decided that we should just spend the day shopping, and I called Caleb to let him know that we would be late. That is how things happen between Rochelle and I. Unexpected plans. That's okay, and Caleb said he didn't mind.

I decided to tell Rochelle that my boss had given me something important to do, and I had been putting it off for weeks. I was afraid that he would be mad at me.

My boss is a very wealthy single man. Good looking, but too pretentious and I'm married for goodness sake. Anyway, he gave me a ring to give to his love interest. I found it strange that such a highly successful man would be nervous about asking his lover to marry him. But maybe it wasn't nerves, maybe it was that he didn't really find the "asking" part important enough to dedicate time away from the board room.

His love interest is a nice lady. She is older than me and very sweet. My first impression was that she is a Christian, and I found out that I was right when she asked me if I would be interested in teaching Sunday school at her church. To which I said "yes". Though that was weeks ago as well. I started feeling like such a slacker. I have been letting things go for so long.

I decided that I should take care of this ring business right away. Before I lose the darn thing. The price tag on it was $30,000. It was made of platinum and had the largest diamond I had ever seen. The setting was absolutely was like the diamond itself was set upon a pedastal. I honestly couldn't imagine anyone wearing it. I asked Rochelle if she would like to see it. She of course said "yes".

So I took her to where I had 'hidden' it. I mean, you don't display something of that worth ANYWHERE for fear it would get stolen. I suppose I had been putting off giving it to my bosses woman because I didn't know HOW to give it to her. I had thought about mailing it...and it was in a mailer at the family's house, behind a photo on the living room wall. I know. Very Cloak and Dagger. But what do you do with a $30,000 ring?

Well, we went to the house of the family I am staying with. They are a nice family. The dad is like no man I had ever met before. He isn't my dad, but he was nice enough to let me stay with them until I got on my feet again. The whole family was home, so getting the ring would be difficult. Finally, an opportunity arose and I looked behind the photo and there it was.

I took it out of the mailer and showed Rochelle the ring. It was gorgeous like I remembered, and her reaction was as I expected. The phone was ringing, it was for me. I gave Chelle the ring to stare in awe at while I grabbed the phone. It was my boss.

He tells me that he wants me to give the ring to someone else. That he broke up with the nice church lady. He gives me the details and I say "okay". I am suddenly feeling bad because the other lady was nice...if I hadn't waited so long she would have this fabulous ring.

Then the phone rings again, it is the nice church lady, her name is Robin. Robin asks me where I have been these past few weeks as I was suppose to be teaching Sunday School. I apologize profusely, and now I feel even worse. I'm the cause of two big disappointments in this lady's life.

I go back to Rochelle and tell her what happened and she feels bad as well. But for whatever reason we feel that we need to fix it. I mean, this is an injustice that we can't let go by. This ring, if it isn't going to be ours should not be some high society woman's who probably has a bunch of them already. We decided to devise a plan to ensure that the church lady [or we] get the ring.

We get into the car and start driving to where I am suppose to take the ring to this other woman. I can already tell that I won't like her. Her name sounds pretentious and my boss told me that she would be driving a red porche. I've never even ridden in a porche much less owned one. I don't like her, and now Rochelle doesn't either.

We are on this long road in the middle of no where. There aren't many trees, and the trees that we do see don't have many leaves. There has been a drought and the land scape is barren and dismally dry.

I see the car as Rochelle is speeding along the road. As we near it Rochelle speeds up. We are about to pass her on the road. She has the top down on her convertable porche. She has no idea the amount of rage that she is going to be met with. And then I look behind me and her car is engulfed in flames. The maltov cocktail having left my hands mere seconds ago.

Rochelle and I speed on as the tail of our own vintage convertable Mustang is on fire as well. But the flames go out quickly we are okay. I turn around just in time to see that a grass fire is directly ahead of us crossing our path on this desserted road. We don't have time to stop we are going too fast. We go through it, our car catching on fire, us catching on fire.

I see our faces, we look remarkably like Susan Sarandon and Gina Davis. I yell at us to jump out of the car and we do. Our bodies rolling around on the pavement trying to put out the fire. We are crying and screaming, but we manage to put out the fire on our clothes. But just as we do, the car that we abandoned has lost control and circles back around at us running us over several times.

The car careens off the road into the ditch and finally stops. The grass fire rages 100 feet from the car, and we are two splotches on the road. "Wake up Little Suzie" is playing in my head.


I think this dream is about procrastination...what do you think?

I should know better than to eat a chocolate muffin before going to bed.


At 00:27, Blogger The Agony Aunt said...

That was some dream! almost believable till the part where the car caught on fire :)


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