Thursday, May 19, 2005


I have learned, if nothing else that God gives me trials in order to shape me up and give me opportunity to grow. This week has been a list of many trials, none so big that they won't pass, but trials just the same.

One trial, that should send a parent into panic is not having any money for diapers. Yes...that is the situation.

However, being forced to put the potty chair in the living room so that the three year old [and I] won't forget what we bought it for has produced some very good results: The lack of need for diapers.

So, yes...our new decor includes a blue and white potty chair for easy three year old access. But she has been remembering to go...on.her.own.

And even when she does have an accident, it isn't so terrible any more.

No money, no diapers, potty training commences. See? God has it all worked out.


At 14:01, Blogger Bipodial Dog said...

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At 15:11, Blogger SonSon said...

God does have it all worked out. One of my biggest challenges is to let go of my troubles and give them to God. It's hard to let go even when I see how well he takes care of it. Thanks for your post. Another reminder for me to "let go and let God".

At 16:44, Blogger Kassi said...

It's actually funny, because I was really worried--no diapers, I mean that's have no diapers. But then I thought well...if she has no diapers she'll HAVE to use the toilet, and I'll HAVE to be diligent. Diapers were the crutch. I didn't even realize it.

At 19:58, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Congrats to you and 3 year old! Yeah!


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