Sunday, May 22, 2005


Japanese Snacks

This year I planned a dinner party for Caleb's 28th birthday. I made yaki-soba, sushi, and our friends brought over a myriad of Japanese snacks. RSVP was mandatory because of the volume of food I would need to prepare. It took me 3 hours to get everything ready. I had arranged with Brian to take Caleb to see Star Wars Episode whatever so that he would be none the wiser. I even pretended to be mad at him before he left. It worked.

The Birthday Toast

This year, instead of singing "Happy Birthday" we made a toast, first to Caleb's mother, and then to him...for surviving so long considering he is the Patron Saint of the Obvious.

Darth Vader's Unexpected Arrival

Everything was going fine. The guys were watching Nausica, a Japanese animation film. And I forget what I was doing...but I managed to notice Darth Vader coming through the back door. Nice of him to RSVP.

Darth Plays Apples to Apples

Regardless of his RSVP faux pas, Darth managed to be the life of the party during a rousing game of Apples to Apples. Though, he became a bit defensive when the flatulence began. I think it was him who started the raspberry fest, but we aren't sure.

Happy Birthday Caleb

The whole Japanimation night started when Caleb and I first started dating. It was how I was able to meet all of his friends. They came over and brought the anime movies, I made yaki soba and provided the Oolong Tea--the rest is history so to speak.

We hadn't done this in quite some time, and Caleb has been bugging to have another Japanimation night. With a lot of help and love from our friends, [I couldn't have done it without you] Caleb had his Japanimation night, and it turned out to be a great success!

Happy Birthday Caleb!!


At 21:10, Anonymous Scott C. said...

I shall wait until I can with The Man a happy B-Day in person. :)

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