Thursday, May 19, 2005

30 in 30

30 facials in 30 days, that is what it takes for my "power start". Yeah, it's not easy. And I have been hesitating at the phone for D.A.Y.S.
Today I made my first real call...someone who wasn't one of my best friends or a family member. I just had to do matter if they were rude, no matter if it was total

---they were nice---

In fact they were more than nice. They want to buy from me.


Now if I can just produce the same results with my Corporate Finance homework that I have been procrastinating on for D.A.Y.S.


At 01:04, Anonymous Scott C. said...

What does it mean, "30 facials in 30 days"? Is "facial" a product or a facial type of service like at a salon?

At 07:19, Blogger Kassi said...

It's the actual service given, like if you were to go to a salon. I have to give 30 of them by June 15. So...guess what you'll be doing when you get here :)


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