Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Child One...

Child One; coordinated clothes, designer labels, brushed hair, cipped nails, shiny clean cheeks-always.

Child Two; second-hand clothes, some designer labels, brushed hair [sometimes], shiny clean cheeks when you notice.

Child Three; shirt, pants, shoes. We're good.

Quite possibly I have turned into the mom that I always said I wouldn't. This revelation brought to you by my three year old who has worn a pajama shirt and a pair of floods all day long.


At 06:12, Anonymous lawbrat said...

Isnt that the truth! Too funny.


At 08:25, Blogger Fin said...

I don't think Foo has even once seen a brush to her hair - certainly not as her mommy's doing.

At 15:01, Blogger SonSon said...

hehe, that is too accurate. And my daughter has a pajama fetish. She comes home from school, changes into a pair of PJ's and heads out to play with neighbor kids. The only way I get her out of PJ's for school is to change her clothes while she's sleeping. BTW, I'm now very choosy about the pajama's I buy her since I know they're going to be seen and played in.


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