Thursday, May 12, 2005

Google Ads, an endless source of entertainment

I've been noticing lately that my Google Ads are influenced by what I write on my blog.

For instance, I wrote the word 'suicide' in one of my posts, and the Google Ads were filled with links about suicide preventions and etc.

Today my Google Ads have links to fart machines...obviously because I wrote about my husband and his farting video game. [By the way, husband has a remote control fart machine...does he need one? And the answer is: NO]

I think that from now on I will write at least one wacked out post a week on some inane topic just to mess with Google, or at least include a nonsensical topic in a post...I'm curious if anything will come of me writing "rabid whistle pig rampage".


At 00:07, Blogger SonSon said...

That is too funny. All those google ads about fart dolls and all is hilarious.


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