Thursday, March 10, 2005

How to Avoid Homework at all Costs: The art of Procrastination and Avoidance Kassi-Style

I have a confession to make. My classes started on Monday, and I didn’t crack open any of my school books until yesterday evening at about 9:45PM. My homework was due by midnight.

I can’t really pinpoint why I procrastinated for five days and avoided reading my assigned text thereby sabotaging an chance I would have to prepare my brain to actually answer questions. However, I know what I did to procrastinate over the past few days in order to completely avoid reading about Statistics and Organizational Behavior.

First, we had a relative in town over the weekend…so we invited him over a couple of times. That seems valid enough. Also, I hosted a game on Saturday night…it was prescheduled almost a month in advance, so I couldn’t possibly cancel.

Next, Caleb was off of work on Monday and Tuesday, and when he is home I don’t get anything really accomplished, not even housework. So we spent Monday in Ann Arbor [we love Ann Arbor]...mmm...Bubble Tea and Pocky.

Then Tuesday I had to finishreading one of the books I borrowed over Spring Break, The Namesake,—once I start a book I am dedicated to completing it. Especially since as of late, I have had a voracious appetite for words…just not text book words. Tuesday evening I had another game, which also was scheduled in advance, and it would have been rude of me to not show up. Besides it was my one chance to get out of the house by myself.

Of course, after all this visiting, playing, and reading I had no time to actually clean the house…so the majority of Wednesday I was cleaning house and doing laundry. I even recall thinking to myself as I reorganized my meager CD collection, "this is something that definitely can wait, why aren't I reading my chapters?"...but by that time I had already resigned myself to my fate of doing homework at the eleventh hour--again.

So on with Wednesday evening…in which another game was scheduled. But I put my foot down and said “I’m only available until 9:30”. So at 9:45 I rush into the office and begin my homework. I am able to finish at the required time, as I usually do. I’m not quite sure why though; perhaps God was taking pity on me once again for my inability to manage my time properly even though I have taken classes in time management. Go figure.

Maybe it is that I work better under pressure. At least that is what I keep telling myself…because this is a repeated scenario, and the only thing I know at this point. I know part of my problem is that I cram too much to do into a short period of time and become overwhelmed and once I am overwhelmed I switch into “Kassi needs to relax” mode…and lately that relaxation has taken the form of reading books [not school books].

I have a lot to do today, dishes, laundry, vacuum, clean the bathrooms, go to the store for Kimi’s birthday present and some new shoes [for her], cook dinner and generally make sure that the house doesn't blow up.

I also have to do my taxes [another project in procrastination-ville], work on my grandma’s scrapbook, fill out invitations for the kids birthday bash, and of course, do some homework.

Lucky for me I have another borrowed book that I started reading last night….Totto-chan: The Little Girl at the Window


At 15:17, Anonymous Laurie said...

Running over from dooce (since her comments seem to be down)

You and I are both kind of right. Both slander and libel are two different kinds of defamation. Libel is when it is printed (ie. blogs/television/newspapers etc) whereas slander is a spoken comment (ie, telling your co-workers that someone did XY or Z)

Yikes, my lawyer brain is in overload. :D

(from dooce)

At 15:18, Anonymous Spurious Plum said...

First time posting here, you're hyserical!

After I finished my Statistics class I promplty flushed the entirety of my stats knowledge, leaving me gloriously parabola free.

The only thing I retained was how to remain mean and extreme. Yes.

At 17:08, Blogger Kassi said...

Laurie: Ugh, I should know better than to mince words with a lawyer! :)[but thank you for clearing that up for me, I honestly didn't know--obviously]

Spurious: The probability of me doing exactly the same is very good. Flush!

Laurie, Spurious thank you for posting!!:)


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