Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Being a stay at home mom, I have been trying to work with my daughter Kimi on such things as numbers, shapes, colors and letters. I don’t believe in structuring a 2 year olds day or sitting her down to actually “work” on these things…she’ll get plenty of that for the rest of her life, but I am aware that without the foundation of knowledge or at least introduction of these concepts I will be doing a disservice to her.

So…when the opportunity arises, we count steps and raisins…or we talk about the color of apples and her clothes…and we look at the letters of her name…etc. etc.

She likes to do this with me and often initiates these conversations herself. She also thinks the ABC song is the ultimate form of expressing happiness and love.

My youngest daughter at the tender age of two also loves candy…any candy, to include cake, ice cream, and cookies. In fact those are her favorite and most said words next to “fart” and “poopy”. And I am a bit embarrassed to say that it is my fault [about the candy]. I went against my rule of no candy until she is five. Actually, Caleb aided in this unraveling of this rule, but I am the mommy, so essentially it is my fault.

Recently in one of our counting sessions, to which she can count all the way up to four…Kimi introduced a new counting method to me.


Try as I might I could not convince her that “candy” was not a number. She wouldn’t cooperate with me and I could not coax her to say “three”…though I know very well she knows that “three” comes after “two”.

Well, to make matters more interesting, she will turn three this coming Friday. So I am wondering in her world…if three is actually candy…then perhaps she thinks she is going to hit the mother load at the end of the week.

Not a bad theory. In fact…if it turns out, I might just replace “34” with “Chocolate” so that I might enjoy my birthday this year.


At 13:48, Anonymous Scott C. said...

32, 33, Eliza Dushku...

At 14:35, Blogger Fin said...

35, 36, Africa...

At 14:48, Blogger Kassi said...

I'm making an amendment because it's my blog:

At 15:18, Anonymous richd said...

...Three shall be thy number of thy counting, and the number of thy counting shall be three. No more, no less. Four thou shalt not count, nor thy two, unless proceeded by three. CANDY is right OUT!


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