Wednesday, March 09, 2005

How to Play Hide and Seek with a Snoog

1. Count to 10 and only to 10. They quickly get bored of counting and will come to find you and remind you that they are only going to wait so long. Also, they may count with you, making it easier to find them.

2. Bring a camera. Snoogs like cameras. As you can see this one is equipped with a disposable camera. Part of the rule is that capturing them on film is just as good as a physical capture.

3. Be prepared to pretend that you can't find them. They like the thrill of the chase.

4. Never expect to have your turn to hide. If you do, don't expect to be found...ever. They have short attentions spans and if you hide too well they will lose interest and you will be stuck beside the couch in a small space unable to get out...uh yeah...

5. Be especially excited that you found them...even if they were hiding because they wanted to go to the bathroom in their pants.

6. Don't be surprised that they went to the bathroom in their pants...and don't scold them, or next time they will find a better hiding spot.

7. If you can't find them, use your nose. If you still can't find is probably because they found something particularly valuable, fragile or technologically advanced of yours and have decided to forgo hide and seek to play with said item instead.

8. Be prepared to only play a few times. Snoogs lose interest quickly and if you engage in this activity for too long they will look at you with either a. annoyance, or b. disgust.

9. If you do either of the above, a. annoy, or b. prepared to be grievously injured. Snoogs have quick reflexes and instinctively go for the eyes or throat.

10. Snoogs are dangerous. Playing hide and seek with one is risky business, but when done properly they will greatly reward you with thier charming smiles.

I Found You!


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