Friday, March 04, 2005

Glazed and Confused

Scenario: Caleb and Kassi sitting on the couch. Caleb is in control of the "clicker" they are watching everything on T.V. Caleb does a double take and clicks back to a previous channel that is showing the 11:00 news...then following conversation takes place:

Caleb: [incredulously] why is Martha Stewart being let out of jail at midnight?!

Kassi: [eyes glazed and staring blankly at the T.V., responding in monotone] because if the sunlight were to touch her skin she would turn to dust.

Caleb: [ponders for a moment and then resigns] Oh..ok.

Caleb happily continues channel surfing. Kassi falls asleep with her eyes open.


At 20:29, Blogger ducklet said...

i hear she made salads out of dandelions and crabapples.

prison sounds like so much fun these days.

At 00:29, Blogger Kassi said...

Yes, like a retreat or some such. I wonder if they will be taking reservations soon?


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