Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Snow Zombies

Recently a group of paranormal investigators embarked on a mission to explore some unexplained activity at a local neighborhood. What they found was disturbing to say the least.

It seems that Michigan's bi-polar weather has manifested a strange phenomenon. The constant temperature changes, causing snow melt and freeze has instigated a peculiar set of events. Apparently the Snowmen, who, along side the living residents of Michigan, are sick of the weather changes and are seeking atonement of some sort.

The investigators are still unsure if the manifestation is malevolent or benign, as none are fluent in snowman speak. And the snowman abassador, Frosty is unable to comment due to the fact that he is currently two pieces of coal and a carrot.

The photo below should not be shown to small children due to it's graphic nature. Parents, take heed...if you have a half melted snowman in your ware.

Many are gathering themselves up (literally) you can see a snow zombie crawling its way across a gravesite.


At 13:54, Anonymous Scott C. said...

Local news correspondants report that hacking away at these zombie snowmen will do no good.

They recommend that you knock the magical silk hat off of the top of their head to end their murderous rampage.


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