Monday, February 28, 2005

Caleb is funnier than Canada

Last night we went to our friends Ben and Erin's house. Who we commonly refer to as Red Ben and Erin we have mulitple friends by the names of Ben and Erin. I's strange.

Ben and Erin do not have any children--yet. Though I have a sneaking suspicion that Erin would not be altogether opposed to the idea. However, adamant...I mean ADAMANT that he isn't ready yet. And I believe him.

Anyway, before going to Ben and Erin's house...I had the "talk" with my kids. Something that I wish Kimi would take part in, understand and adhere to, but she is only 2, so my words are like smoke to her. I told my children that they are to behave...that we are going to someone's home...not Chuck E. Cheese...we are going to someone's home...not a playground. They must be on their best behavior...they must be quiet and act nicely. While I am not very concerned about my son being is the "girls" that I worry about. [There will be many more posts about the "girls" and why if you have two of them you know EXACTLY what I mean].

Just before leaving the son made the statement "As far as anyone knows we are a nice normal family"...I think that sums it up very well. So, we headed out to unleash ourselves on our friends new apartment.

It was a really good time, and by really good time I mean that the food was excellent [great chili], our friends were excellent and forgiving hosts...and we laughed our heads off most of the night.

The highlight of the night was during our game of Apples to Apples. For anyone not familiar with this game...go take a will do the game better justice than me trying to describe it to you right now.

About half way through the game, we knew we were sunk. Abi [the seven year old] was killing us. This enraged my son...who [like me] is very competitive. The adults, upon realizing this decided to just get silly. Unfortunately for us [the adults] Abi used the fact that she was winning to start getting cocky, and Ben, in a momentary slip up misread the word "future" for "furniture" to which Abi responded "I can read it and I'M SEVEN"!

Meanwhile, while we are playing we first kept Kimi at bay by putting in Shrek, who is now the new Nemo. That entertained her for about an hour...with intermissions of her and Kessel [their dog] fighting. Mostly Kessel trying to lick Kimi's face--it serves the kid right for being a messy eater.

It was after Shrek was over that their house started to resemble a scene from Family Circus. This was because my "talk" before coming over had completely worn off and the children were comfortable--which I think scared the crap out of Ben. Thankfully Erin was able to curb Kimi's enthusiasm by letting her play with their Chakra-colored [metal] shotglasses. Now I have a new story to relay on how Kimi learned her colors.

In retrospect, I feel bad for Ben...unsuspecting Ben...whom Kimi, I know would probably eat for breakfast. I know that my kids can be overwhelming, they overwhelm me...but I doubt Ben was expecting or prepared to end the night by being "hit in the nuggets" by a two year old. To "soften the blow" she raspberried him, showed him her belly and tried to engage him in peek-a-boo. I informed him that this is how she shows her affection---I don't think he believed me.

At any rate, Ben and Erin are extremely fun to hang out with, and I am so glad that they invited us over. We ended the evening at a respectble time, and with our parting thoughts being of an x-ray of Kessels butt...poop filled butt to be exact. Good Times.

Oh...and just because I can, I have here a list of funny quotes/ topics in order of my personal favorites:

1. Toilet Babies! [there shall be a whole separate post on this topic]
2. Freckles ARE masculine...[Ben's affirmation moment]
3. Caleb is funnier than Canada! [A new T-Shirt logo for Caleb]
4. Look at me I'm Caleb and I'm SO funny...[Me after Caleb's attempt at witism]
5. She hit him in the the nuggets! [Erin, after Kimi hit Ben in the nuggets]
6. Kimi is the farthest thing from "Fresh" [Apples to Apples]
7. The Industrial Revolution is indeed "Revolutionary" [Apples to Apples]
8. Mom... quit helping Abi win [Zac getting frustrated]
9. Top it Kessel...[Kimi saying "stop it Kessel"]
10. You've poisoned me! [after Caleb was fed a wasabe peanut]


At 15:44, Anonymous Scott C. said...

"As far as anyone knows we are a nice normal family"!!!!

Holy crap, I nearly wet myself! Zac is the greatest. :P


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