Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Color the World

One of my fondest memories is when I was five years old:

It was just a normal day in kindergarten...and we were getting ready for free play. I remember this because we started to get up from our chairs to go to the toys...and that is when I spotted them. They were sitting on the art table...brand new, brightly wrapped, and untouched.

I felt the excitement bubble up within me over the mere potential that these things held within their colorful wrappers. Unable to contain my excitement, I yelled out an alert to my fellow classmates, because news such as this should not be kept quiet.

I uttered two words...two words which brought forth such a frenzy of activity in the otherwise quiet and contented room that I realized I needed to ACT FAST. For a brief second everyone looked at me with wide eyed disbelief...could it be? Then realizing for themselves that I was not playing a cruel prank, dropped what they were doing and rushed towards the prize.
Mrs. Purdy scrambled to make sure that there was enough for everyone.

We were kings and queens that day in our own little worlds...the possibilities were endless...we could do anything...be anything. We had wax magic in our hands...and it was me who noticed them first...it was me who was the herald of good news--all of us gave up our free play time because I shouted those crucial words: "NEW CRAYONS"!

I love crayons. I am not sure what child doesn't love crayons...and while I realize I am not a child any longer, it is one of the things that I consistently liked and have not grown out of appreciating. Much of my childhood was spent coloring and drawing and it is something that I still enjoy doing. It never fails when I pass the section of the store that has the art supplies, I look fondly upon those yellow and green boxes and reminisce on the wonder contained within.

On a side note: Mrs. Purdy was the teacher's assistant...for the life of me, I can't remember my actual teacher's name. It doesn't matter though, all the kids loved Mrs. Purdy because she smiled and laughed with us. I actually remember the scent of her perfume, and years later I figured out what the name of it was. She wore Ciara. It's strange how a scent can bring back memories of when I was five.


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hey Kassi, this is rich (hawaii?). sounds like you are having a lot of fun and that is good to hear/read. I really like your blog, it's fun reading. Throw me an email sometime.

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