Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Terrible Book Titles for Children

1. The "It's Your Fault Series"...tales in which children are to blame for everything bad that happens to their parents and relatives
2. Something IS Under Your Bed [and in your closet]
3. You are not Like Everyone Else...and That's Not Good.
4. I'm Not Your Mother: You Were Abandoned
5. Living with Gypsies: A Child's Tale
6. Everyone Hates a Tattletale
7. Your New Baby Brother is Better Than You
8. Your New Baby Sister is Cuter Than You
9. Nothing is Really Yours: A Lesson in Sharing
10. Nobody Poops But You [quote by Peter Griffin]
11. Your Babysitter is the Boogeyman
12. Dogs Are Scary
13. There Are Germs Everywhere
14. There Are Crazy People Everywhere
15. Good Night, Sleep Tight, Hopefully The Bed Bugs Won't Bite


At 15:26, Anonymous kalki said...

Crack me up! What about:

There Is No Doggie Heaven
All Houses Catch on Fire Eventually
Lucy Has Lice and Everybody Hates Her

At 15:33, Blogger Kassi said...

Awesome! If you think of more, please post!

At 17:58, Anonymous Scott C. said...

When It Rains It's God Crying - Must Be Something You Did

A Clown Killed Your Grandmother

At 19:43, Blogger Kassi said...

Clowns Eat Bad Children: Jimmy Goes to the Circus!


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