Sunday, February 27, 2005

Midnight Muttering

It is very late [for me] and I have been doing homework since 3:00 this afternoon. I was suppose to go to my cousin's surprise birthday party...however, after proofreading my major report [started at 10:oo AM] and then beginning my final exam [at 3:00 PM] and then realizing [at 8:00 PM] that there is no way I was going to get to go to a party tonight, I had to stick it out at home and finish this crap. [Sorry Janie!! I so wanted to do Kareoke and have a Woodchuck tonight!]

So, I finally finished the test at 11:00 PM...and then had to move over to do my Accounting--which is basically writing up a one month summary using the entire accounting cycle, from journal to post-closing trial balance. I had one hour to complete it. Egads, why do I procrastinate so much?

My friend Erin came over for moral support, as Algebra is the worst subject for me, and she knows it. She even stayed until past midnight listening to me whine about accounting. My husband felt bad for me, because I actually was crying [prior to Erin coming over]. If I failed this stupid final exam I won't pass my class...and that would suck on so many levels.

At any rate, I have one more test to take before my Spring Break will officially start [tomorrow]. I also have to do my taxes before Monday so that I can apply for some grants to cover the school costs.

I spent most of the day cleaning the house...and doing homework. Thankfully it is all done. Of course, I am still doing laundry as I write-so I guess it isn't all done, technically.

Anyway, I am going to close up for the night, I have an early morning tomorrow...thankfully I don't have to cook tomorrow night. We will be invading Erin M's [not the same Erin that came over tonight] house and they will be cooking for US!! yay!

Over and Out...[I can actually feel my eyelids protesting the fact that they are still open right now]

P.S. Caleb I am sorry, I ate your Cadbury chocolate bar today...the one I bought for you yesterday. I couldn't help myself...and really it is your fault for leaving it here unattended. You should have eaten it right away. I can't be held accountable for chocolate that has been left alone for over 8 hours.


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