Saturday, December 10, 2005

Normal Faces

We entertain a lot at our house. Meaning, we usually have friends over every weekend. Sometimes more than once a weekend, sometimes more than once a week.

I'm not sure how it all started that way, maybe it was "Anime Night" so long ago.

Over the course of the past few years since that first Anime Night, faces have come and gone. But a few remain constant. And those faces have become part of my family.

Our children have aunts and uncles that have a stronger bond than blood. They play, read stories, and color with my children. Their involvement is a priceless gift, both to me and to them, that I will treasure always.

Sometimes I worry that these times will fade, and our friendships will wane over time. Perhaps it is because my past experiences with friends have been disappointing when it came to longevity and consistency; so I try to hold on.

I am thankful every day for these normal faces in my life.

I hope that the passing of time only means that we will share a good laugh over silver hair (or no hair) and past memories of our life events. I hope that as normal faces turn to old faces, the word "old" means much more than our age.


At 13:21, Blogger bella said...

I guess, like any relationship, friendships need work and nurturing. It's great that you have those bonds with your friends.

At 18:39, Blogger Sara You-don't-need-to-know-my-last-name said...

Very well said! In this past year, I've developed some very good friendships - something that had been absent in my life for a while. With a less than stellar family life, it is nice for me to have people that I can rely on.

At 07:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope that too. You will be Aunt Kassu and Uncle Caleb.


Erin M.

At 07:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really meant Kassi. I need to proof read more.

Erin M.

At 10:21, Blogger Kassi said...

I can be "aunt Kassu" :)


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