Friday, December 23, 2005

Best for Last

Today I've scrubbed and baked.
So that tonight I can relax and play a game or two.

I decided to try out a new that requires home made frosting.

Everything is set, I'm dressed and clean. Ready to go...and the last thing to do is make that frosting.

As the confectioners suger took on a life of it's own, my black sweater a perfect backdrop for a winter night scene,I realized that I saved the messiest job for last.

This recipe courtesy of Kim.


At 23:17, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Black sweater and powdered sugar? It's called "tempting fate," darlin. And I can hear the old whore cackling.

At 02:14, Anonymous irene said...

oh I think I'm going to bake too today. Merry Christmas Kassi!

At 14:24, Blogger diggincookin said...

OK, here's my list, so far. Amaretto Cheesecake, Sour cream coffee cake, Meyer lemon cake, meyer lemon curd, meyer lemon simple syrup (to use on the cake), gingerbread cookie dough.

Tonight we bake the gingerbread cookies. Tomorrow is figgy pudding (from scratch), prime rib, mashed potatoes, asparagus, home made yeast buns.

Then, I nap.

At 18:03, Blogger Kassi said...

ohhh prime rib sounds awesome. I'm going to just bake a ham. I am not that ambitious this year.


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