Thursday, December 22, 2005


Having sisters isn’t easy.
Half the time they drive me crazy.
One is eight and one is three,
All they do is pick on me.
They get into my room
And pull out all my stuff.
Having two younger sisters is really really rough.
Yes I have two sisters,
Not just one but two.
I try to hide but they still find me,
What am I to do?
My parents want another baby.
At least that’s what they said.
If they have another girl,
I would rather be dead.
But when that time comes,
And if they have a boy,
I will smile and laugh and sing and dance
All around for joy.
But there is a fifty-fifty chance
That luck is not on my side.
So I’ll just go to my room now
And sit in the dark and hide.

By Zac G. (my son)


At 04:10, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Ha! Great poem - we know where his talent comes from, don't we?

Sorry being a brother is so rough - it could be worse - he could be an only child and bored out of his skull...

At 07:35, Blogger Fin said...

Zac - that was wonderful! Thank you So much for the great laugh this morning.

I AM an only child, and while I wasn't bored out of my skull as a kid, I did wish for a little brother (for many years it was all I asked Santa for at Christmas).

Thank you for remindning me, as a grown up, that having siblings isn't as great as an only child imagines it might be.

I hope that when you're a grown up, you hear someone say something that reminds you that being an only child isn't as great as a big brother imagines it might be.

At 08:52, Blogger Kelly said...

Aaah, does this explain your nausea episodes the last few days?

Zac is a talented rhymster, and a funny one. =o)

At 13:04, Blogger Kassi said...

No, my nausea was shopping induced. Nothing more. :)

As for Zac-man, he complains about his sisters, but I know he loves them very much.

At 18:09, Blogger Katrina said...

Excellent poem. And you're right; having sisters isn't easy. I know, because I am one, and making life comfortable for my little brother wasn't anywhere on my priority list growing up!

He never got the brother he wished for, but now he has a little boy of his own that looks just like him! So hopefully all of his dreams of bonding with another guy over baseball and fishing trips will soon be fulfilled!


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