Friday, September 30, 2005

After Me Own Lucky Charms

My daughter's favorite cereal is "Lucky Charms". She will settle for the Kroger version of this cereal as well, which is aptly named "Treasures".

She clings to the box at the grocery store, and won't let it out of her sight. Eyeing the clerk suspiciously, and vehemently protesting once the bagger puts it into a bag out of her sight and reach.

At home, she wants a bowl. Dry. She eats the marshmallows out of the bowl, leaving the dry cereal. Then asks for more. I oblige because I understand.

I remember one time I ate all of the "charms" out of a new box of "Lucky Charms". It ticked my mom off pretty bad..she knew that I woudn't eat the rest of it. I was forever doing things like that. I once was caught taking big gobs of frosting off of my birthday cake before anyone had a chance to cut and serve it. I was old enough to know better.

I'll have to keep an eye on the little one. Otherwise I won't have any frosting on the cake when I go to serve it to my guests...

I think that she knows I like the marshmallows. She makes a big deal out of sharing them with me. I know she doesn't have to share, it's nice that she does though...because it means that she is at least one step nicer than I will ever be.


At 18:53, Blogger Turtlellini said...

True dat. I just bought myself a box a them gems the other day. My boy is too young to know anything about Lucky Charms yet.

But they've really added a lot of marshmellows to them, don'tcha think? A little too many for my taste.

It's not like I'd ever go to the trouble of picking them out or anything. I just think they should stop there. That's enough. No more. No, really.

At 19:00, Blogger Kassi said...

Yes, they have become less stingy with the marshmallows...and yeah, they don't have to add any'd be like eating berries without the cap'n crunch. blech.


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