Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Button Nose

I present the most kissable nose in the world. Or, at least my world. She is lucky that I have enough self control to no just pinch it off. Thankfully, she is patient enough with me to allow plenty of nose smooches. This is one button I can't get enough of.


At 15:03, Blogger scott said...

When my kids were little, I would always say, "See you in the poconos." (poconos sounds like "poke-a-nose"). Then I would push the end of their nose with my finger and go "beep beep".

I have no idea why it did that, but it made me laugh.

Little kid noses are so cute.

Hello, kassi.

secret word: dhbiawf (I think this was beowulf's cousin)

At 15:12, Blogger Kassi said...

Beep Beep!

At 22:14, Blogger Turtlellini said...

Oooh, I know the feeling! Every day I am tempted to just EAT my offspring. Its a wonder he's still around. Perhaps I just haven't been hungry enough....

Um.... Uiqhle. A musical instrument?


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