Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Beyond Fed Up

I am so unbelievably tired of giving up my weeknights, my time; doing homework. The sickness of it all is just seething off of me like gas fumes ready for flame.

I'm sick of the papers, I'm sick of the fighting to get peace and quiet. I'm sick of fighting for understanding from family members who want my attention every second of the day. Not because they want it, but because the mounting student loans dictate that I cannot give it.

I'm fed up with the crap of never being available to anyone at any time. And I'm tired of no one realizing this...playing guilt games with me. I suck at guilt games. I feel guilty for everything already, so I always lose.

Tonights attempt at doing homework has failed miserably. I just need one week. One week to finish these last two classes. That's it. Then I'm done. Done with it all, to receive a mediochre degree in a mediochre field so that I can obtain a mediochre job in which to support my mediochre life.

Slap a chump sticker on my butt and send me out the door.


One week...just one week...give me quiet and solitude and don't bother me again so that I can just get these three papers finished and never write another case study ever again for as long as I live...don'tbothermeagainunlessyouaredying.

I've fed you, clothed you, changed you, just be happy without me there. And now that this post is sounding reminiscent of a suicide note...I'll go back to attempting to write this damn paper about the devil's own discount store. Oh how I hate Wal-Mart.

This rant brought to you by Uncomfortable Pants.

"Wear 'em they'll squeeze the life right out of you"


At 19:08, Blogger Kelly said...

I just barely met you over on my site and I'm ready to fly to your house and watch your kids for a week so you can hole away in your room and write your papers. Sheesh - I feel for you. Hang in there; only one week left!

At 19:15, Blogger Kassi said...

Thank you Kelly, I'm of course just venting. I love my kids...I hate my homework.

At 20:03, Blogger bella said...

i think I need at least 3 weeks like that.

At 20:14, Blogger Kassi said...

P.S.S. Kelly that would make you a Saint in my world.

At 20:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kassi, you're welcome to hide out at my place for a week.


At 22:08, Blogger Turtlellini said...

Thank you, Kassi, for reminding me why i hate school too. When I finished my bachelor's degree, I flipped off all of my books, the campus and going to my graduation. I HATED SCHOOL AND I'M SO GLAD ALL THE LEARNING IS OVER!!!!!!! Heh. Learning hurts.

At 00:07, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

heeheeheehee... darn those old tight pants.

Hang in there, Pet - just remember, if it's not one damn thing, it'll be another.

Better get some comfier pants...

At 11:34, Blogger Kelly said...

Don't be too impressed; I was just venting, too. (Please, NEVER believe a word I say, EVER. =o)


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