Thursday, September 08, 2005

Office Space

This morning I arrived to work early enough to clean my office space.

I don't exactly have a cubicle in that my space is octagonal, rather than square, or rectangle. Everyone's space is shaped the same, giving me the impression of a beehive. We are certainly busy bees.

So today I was able to organize my little pod of the honeycomb. Which entailed a lot of throwing things away that I knew may be important, but are duplicatable in the event. For now, they were incomprehensible clutter. It also meant dusting and disinfecting. The latter was mainly on the phone. I have a thing about germy phones.

Not that the last person who used it was germy. But I imagine the dozen or so other people who have used it and it makes me throw up a little. Have you ever smelled the handset of an office phone. Blech.

Regurgitate like a bee. But not really.

Near my pod is a the most exquisite thing ever. It is called a coffee bar. Every day, all day I can smell the aroma of fresh brewed Starbucks coffee. Because we have a coffee bar. in the office. near my pod. You understand what this means right?

No, that's okay, I don't either...I just find it fascinating, and extremely campy. Therefore it makes me happy.

The coffe bar also has a cappucino maker, hot cocoa machine, and a hot tea brewer, if you are so inclined. I'm just glad I could navigate the contraption so that it didn't blow up. The company I work for is in love with gadgetry. Which is fine by me because it means not having to deal with monster out-dated equipment.

I was also able to place my rather large supply order. You realize this is the best part of the new job. The "oh I need certain things in order to do my much is my budget? $500 is the max per order? How many orders can I place...ha ha ha...oh I can place as many as I need as long as each doesn't go over $500...oh...well I was just kidding, but if you insist...."

Okay, that was the conversation, and they weren't kidding, but I only spent what I needed. Damn my scruples.

So tomorrow I should be receiving my first Christmas package...because for me, receiving office supplies is as good as it gets. I kid you not. I'm actually excited about the P-Touch label maker, and the fancy new transcriber I ordered...

Anyway, I'm settling just fine, and I am trying not to think too much about the fact that they have only hired me as a temp. Three months may not be enough time to make the honey that I need for a nice nest egg. Especially if I continue buying sharp, business-chic outfits. My stuff was soo last year.


At 00:34, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

Nice gig you got there Kassi. I'm glad you like it - and glad you're next to the coffee bar.

I don't work there and even I like saying that - "coffee bar. Coffeeee barrrr."

And Merry Christmas!

At 10:26, Blogger scott said...

Can you email me a latte? Thanks.

At 14:18, Blogger Kassi said...

Thanks Becky!

Scott, I can snail mail you some cocoa sprinkles...


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