Thursday, September 08, 2005

Ambition High, Time Low

Nothing could have quite prepared me for the kind of schedule I am keeping now that I am working full time outside the home again.

I'm actually wondering how the heck I did it [prior to taking the year off].

All I know is that something is going to give. Most likely my sanity.

However, my job is good. I like my bosses [yes that was plural]. I am finally working in a company where they recognize the EA as an actual position within the company that only a certain qualified person can do.

That's nice.

I'm going to have to figure out how I am to squeeze school into my schedule, because now that I have an actual reason for late assignments [besides laziness], I am genuinely falling behind.

On other fronts, my son has decided to switch instruments. He will be playing the bassoon, instead of the flute. Yes, big change. However, I think he will enjoy it more, and that leaves me with a flute that I can practice on...when I get some time of course.


At 14:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, bassoon. I played bassoon. That is such a cool instrument. Yay, Zac!

Erin M.


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