Saturday, September 03, 2005

Biloxi Blues

I lived in Biloxi for about 4 months. The bus ride to Biloxi was 36 hours of pure hell.

But I was 18 and striking out on my own...well actually I was 18 and running away from Michigan to get married to my highschool sweetheart who had joined the Air Force.

I remember some things about that time very clearly. Such as my first military movie theatre experience, and standing still and facing the American flag when the brass played Taps.

During those four months I got married [eloped], made some good friends [hey RED], bought a 69 Cutlass [drag raced], got into a car accident, and was chased down by a black sedan in a cemetary [the most terrifying experience of my life to date].

Come to think of it, I also hitchhiked for the first and last time,almost got hit by a train, and I swear I walked past a yard full of evil-possessed cats...the way that their eyes followed me...still gives me shivers.

Life in Biloxi was anything but boring.

I remember talking to someone who had been a young child and survived through hurricane

I wonder if 18 years from now a similar conversation will take place about Katrina. Somehow I don't doubt it.


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