Sunday, September 04, 2005

Pet Ownership

Pet ownership is darn expensive. However, extremely rewarding. Especially when said pets are doing their jobs.

Dog: Bark when someone comes to the door, be fuzzy, cute, playful and gentle otherwise.

Cat: Drive dog to distraction, play continuously, cuddle, purr, and pretend to be a ferocious tiger on crack when you get a hold of the cat nip.

So far so good.

Saturday I took Tangerine for her first vet visit, and Roxy for her yearly follow-up. All is well with my zoo.

Tangerine is a healthy and extremely active kitten, I think that he went as far as to say "troublemaker". Which is about right.
Roxy is healthy, but needs a teeth cleaning, which explains the death breath.

I also inquired about a medication for Tangerine called
Ace Promazine. It's a medication that interacts with cat saliva to make the dander less reactive for people with allergies.

The vet gave me a sample of it that should last about 2 months, and the dosage will not cause any ill side affects for Tangerine regardless if it works or not. This should help to alleviate my [very mild] cat allergies, should they start up, and also make my home people friendly for all of our friends who have severe cat allergies.

I'm not very keen on medicating my pets; however, I don't want to drive my friends away. Hopefully, within a couple of weeks our home will breathable again. If not, then I'll take her off the medication and stock up on Benedryl.


At 21:17, Blogger Smito said...

YAY! Ace Promazine rules! GG has never shown any side effects, BTW.

At 16:23, Blogger Kassi said...

Yes, we are excited too. Hopefully it will work, and I'll stop itching.


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