Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ready Before Me

Today my three year old woke up before me. She was bright eyed and chipper in a way that I have not seen in a long time.

As I groggily made my way through to the bathroom, she asked me "What's wrong with your eyes?"

Which sounded more like: Wot wong wit yoo eeys?

I responded with an incoherent: I'm not awake yet child.

Her retort: I wanna see kids.

So, as you can see she is adjusting quite well to going to "school".

In fact, she was ready to leave before I was, and was a bit disappointed to find out that she would have to wait another 2 hours before Caleb was to take her seems that she has been more ready than me all along.


At 10:42, Blogger scott said...

We worry so much about our fragile children, but they don't care. They think we're silly for worrying so much. They don't have time for that. They want to jump off of the high dive five more times before they have to leave (once backwards).

At 16:34, Blogger Addie said...

awww... sweet... I think I will cry the day my one year old is not sad to see me drop him off at school (he does love it though once we are gone, so no worries there)


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