Monday, August 08, 2005

"It's not so much that I lost consciousness, it's that I was blind and immobilzed"...................... -B. on the Millennium Force

I'm not sure that any one word could sum up the events of this past weekend and our trip to Cedar Point and Soak City.
It definitely rocked, in that there is no doubt. But an adventure isn't complete without it's low points as well.

Our trek to Ohio started out at 7:00 on Saturday morning. Amazingly, Caleb and I were both awake enough to engage in conversation at the time. We were both very excited to be away and enjoying another excursion to the World's Greatest Amusement Park.

E. and B. hadn't been to Cedar Point in about 10 years, so we were happy to reintroduce them to all of the new rides and thrills.

Our first coaster was The Mine Ride. A very mild ride, small hills, just silly fun. Of course, on this type of ride you must be careful of obnoxious patrons screaming for dear life while going down what would constitute as speed bumps in the roller coaster world. I'm not exactly sure WHO was doing THAT, but they didn't make any friends. In fact, some of the other riders set out to purposely avoid the inappropriate screamer for future rides, we'll name no names...

Caleb and I, collectively aren't afraid of any of the rides. One of us will go on any of them. However separately we both have our limits. Caleb doesn't like rides that go around and around, and I get a little freaked out when it comes to heights, but even then I can be convinced to go. I give in to peer pressure way too easily.

Most of the rides do scare me. And I noticed this time around that I had a knee-jerk reaction every time I was strapped into one of these torturous contraptions we call thrill rides, I wanted out. O-U-T out. I immediately wanted to raise my hands and yell "No...wait, I've changed my mind...I don't want to be whisked away and hurtled 300 feet into the air, and then come spinning back down again, over and over" But the words never left my mouth in time, and off I shot.

Afterwards though, it's pure exhileration, and I would go back to ride again...had it not been for the incredibly long lines.

Cedar Point was p.a.c.k.e.d. Fortunately B. made the executive decision that we would get Freeway Passes for the Millenium Force. [such an awesome idea]. This meant that if we came back to the ride between 7 and 8 PM we would be able to by-pass most of the wait and ride the ride. The cost? A 15 minute wait in a long line to get our hands stamped.

15 minutes well spent.

We rode the
Millennium Force twice in one hour...the people who were waiting in line that we by-passed saw us enter the ride for a second time while they continued waiting for 2.5 hours [or more].

This led to us strategizing the best ways in which to enjoy our time at Cedar Point the next time around. Especially since we had spent 1.5 hours in the line waiting for
The Raptor. [A great ride, but the wait just KILLS you...especially since only a 1/4 of the wait is in an actual shaded area]. Thankfully there WAS music in which to dance to, or heckle depending on our mood.

The sun beat down on us unforgivingly for most of the day, and after spending another 3 hours waiting on rides that lasted for only 3 minutes of our day, [
Wicked Twister and Disaster Transport] we decided to ride the train around the park, not once, but twice. I caught a nap during that hour...which prepared me to face the Millenium Force.

E. decided to forgo the 310 ft. drop, and walk around the park while B., Caleb and I partook of the madness. Again, I came close to copping out at the very last minute, especially since a big burly man chickened out, and while were in line we saw them cleaning the seats from someones 'accident'. but by the time my voice got to me I was already moving. Staring at the sky actually, because of the incline you literally lay back a bit.

Suffice it to say that the Millenium Force continues to deliver the smoothest, most exciting experience in the entire park. Caleb instructed B., who had never ridden the M.F. before to just relax and let yourself 'go'. We don't suggest letting yourself relax TOO much though..[see title quote for this post]. I know why people wait for hours to ride it, but I am glad that we had the free way passes.

I am also glad that we brought 2 packs of Propel drinks with us and stored them in the lockers so that we could go back any time we wanted and rehydrate ourselves for half the cost than it would to buy water whenever we became thirsty. --Cont'd--


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