Monday, August 08, 2005

Part II of Cedar Point Adventure

Caleb and I are becoming somewhat expert on summertime Cedar Point patronage...and once we are good enough, we will brave bringing Kimi with us. Until then, we will perfect our strategies.

For instance, next summer we will probably park near Soak City instead of the main gates. The lockers at Soak City are free to open and close all day long [in Cedar Point you have to pay each time you open your locker]. Also, if we do a Cedar Point/ Soak City combo we can go to the water park during the hottest part of the day and stay cool, and then go back to the amusement park later on when it isn't so scorching hot.

At any rate, these are all ideas that we mulled over during our trip...I like to make things as efficient and enjoyable as order to get max ride time.

Soak City was a blast! Caleb and I have never been, and I would definitely go back again. The water slides are a ton of fun, but I really liked the river floats, complete with waterfalls. The last ride the four of us went on was
Zoom Flume. I was seriously having flashbacks of my white water rafting days. I loved it! Trying to flip the sides of the raft up to the highest points of the slide was especially fun when punctuated by everyone's whoops and laughter.

In any trip you take there are bound to be mishaps...and to be sure, E. and I experienced our respective fears, which brought us to tears. Hers was more understandable than mine--not wanting to be pressured into riding something that would make her throw up...mine was more of a mucus thing. I probably over reacted, but my imagination is really really good. I think that we should have received a free breakfast out of it.

Oh, and the restaurant experience with Kassi isn't complete without her changing her mind several times within one sitting on what she wants to eat and drink. Food is a decision I take seriously, and I just can't handle the pressure.

We also endured a hotel room, that after emptying a bottle of Febreeze, smelled like someone put a flower in an ashtray. Unfortunately, all the hotels that weekend were BOOKED. So we got stuck with a smoking room. Thankfully we were too tired to complain...much.

Lastly, of our more odious adventures was Ohio roads. We as Michiganders are used to poor road conditions, and construction everywhere--but our road crews are efficient, and usually only block off areas that are being worked on, and take signs down when areas are finished...and provide detours that make some sense.

Ohio doesn't practice any of this. So we drove in circles for a little while before we were able to acclimate ourselves to the Ohio dyslexia that their highways suffer.

Oh...and Caleb was able to cop out of doing
Rip Cord with me. He has been promising for 3 years. But he finally broke down and admitted that he is too c.h.i.c.k.e.n. to do it. I don't really blame him. I'll probably be all strapped in ready to go, and the second they start towing me up...I'll change my mind.

Overall though, the trip absolutely rocked. This is our second trip with B. and E. and I am looking forward to many more. As Caleb said earlier, it's nice to have good friends who are willing and able to get out and do things with us [when we can], and share in the adventures. I agree wholeheartedly. Friendship is a blessing. And we are blessed.


At 00:49, Blogger desertUndine said...

How FUN! I have a problem with the high rides too, especially when you on the way up. Sounds like an awesome trip.

At 11:43, Blogger Kassi said...

It was great, we intend to go back again in October, cooler weather and all. This time we'll take all of the kids.


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