Tuesday, August 02, 2005


I just finished reading some posts about the BlogHer thingy [convention/seminar/forum/cult] out west. In my reading, I started clicking on links to other women bloggers, particularly women who are moms.

I am a little overwhelmed over the gratuitous use of the word 'f--k'. And the light heartedness that the writers take on thier apparent need for large quantities of alcohol.

I thought to myself...gosh I guess I should be racier, use expletives more often, and perhaps get inebriated once in a while. Maybe then I will be popular.

Then I reconsidered. I'm not blogging so that people will like me. It seems popularity in anything has its price. Even in the blogosphere.

Motherhood isn't easy. But I don't want my children to look back on my writing and think that I was messed up because of them. Me being messed up, I did that quite well all on my own.


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