Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A Little Red

I did it! Or rather, we did it!

We went to a specialty lingerie store and did bathing suit shopping for me!

After running across this tiny shop last Sunday, I made a mental note to check it out this week prior to our trip to Cedar Point. Especially since there is a good chance we will be going to the water park on Sunday...

Not to mention, as of late I have been making plans to take the kids to other water parks in our neighborhood, so that means I had better come up with a bathing suit, or shut up.

So the experience at Sunny J's [the lingerie store] was what one would expect when walking into an establishment owned by women for women. There will be no bashfulness allowed. I was helped by a woman who has experience in cutting through the bull crap and telling people what they should like, rather than the other way around. It was nice because well, I had no idea what would look good on me. She did.

I decided to get it over with right away and start with the bikini's, and work my way down to a one piece. I'll have to admit that while I am not super model svelt, I didn't look as horrific as I thought I would in a bikini, which is only to say that I looked two steps better than a sea cow squeezed into a tube sock.

The owner, who helped me with sizing and picking out prints was really keen on selling me an animal print bikini. But Caleb was totally against it.

The first thing he said when he saw me was "Okay Betty Page". Now some men might think that is a good thing, but Caleb was thinking of our children and having to be seen in public with me...[or more like the public seeing me]. So the animal print was out. In retropect this was probably good advice, being that sea cows don't need animal prints.

I really liked the charcoal bikini. It was chic. But I tried picturing myself playing on the waterslides, or playing volley ball in it, and wasn't practical, or pretty.

Not to mention the price tags were outrageous. $80 just for the top. The bottoms were another $47. Caleb turned white as a sheet looking at the tags. Fortunately his color returned when he learned that all the suits were 1/2 off.

My husband isn't cheap, he is just inexperienced in the expenses of woman-care. Face it, women are expensive. I'm not stupid. I've come to this realization a long time ago. The only time a woman is inexpenisive is if she does absolutely nothing to take care of herself. The hygiene products alone put us in a higher expense bracket than men.

Anyway, I/We decided on a nice red one. Mainly because of the way Caleb's eyes lit up when he saw it on me. There was no hesitation. He said "I like it". So that is the one I brought home.

I'm really happy with the decision on the red one, actually the label name is "poppy". It's sporty, it's cute, it's comfortable, I won't feel awkward wearing it in front of my kids. It's not a true bikini, it's a tankini with boy shorts...which means I can hide my battle scars [i.e. mommy marks] and still feel like I'm not wearing a circus tent.

It will be a long time before I am brave enough to show my belly button. But at least in my lifetime I can say that I had a red bathing suit.

Photos? No...the camera puts on 10 lbs, and well...I'd like to live in my fantasy bubble until after tankini season is over.


At 12:59, Blogger AfricaBleu said...

"Poppies, poppies, poppies" - I'm feeling sleepy...

Congrats on another battle won!

At 13:15, Blogger Kassi said...

It's amazing, I am actually excited to go to the waterpark on Sunday...

At 10:26, Blogger SlushTurtle said...

Good for you! Shopping for swimsuits is such a horrible experience. Even when I was skinny enough to look pretty OK in them, it was painful. Now, it's just downright depressing. I think we should bring back the 'bathing costumes' of the late 1800's. I would definitely look hot in those...

At 11:24, Anonymous Nathan Logan said...

"which is only to say that I looked two steps better than a sea cow squeezed into a tube sock"

Classic. Untrue, no doubt, but classic.

Congratulations on the success in finding a suit - now having a wife, I understand that it's a fairly strenuous process.

And also, a pat on the back for the major selling point of the suit being your husband's response - that's a cool thing (and I hope it's reciprocated by him).

Enjoy the water!


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