Saturday, July 16, 2005

Wonka Day

Last Wednesday our friend Brian announced that he would be bringing chocolate for our Friday evening game. He informed that a shipment of chocolate had to be disposed of due to poor shipping techniques, and while some of it was melted, the rest was okay, but had to be discarded 'just in case'.

At the time I thought to myself what a waste of chocolate. I also asked Brian several times to not forget the chocolate on Friday night, he assured me that he wouldn't.

I hadn't thought about it again until 6:00 on Friday evening and I returned home from shopping.

Caleb was waiting for me at the door...and he excitedly ushered me into the house.

"You have to see this" he informs...and he opens up the fridge to show me the chocolate that Brian has bestowed to us. There were a few bars, and a couple of boxes. Lindt chocolate to be exact.

The first words out of my mouth were "Do we have to share?"

Then Caleb says..."wait...there is more..."

"More?" I say.

"Yes...follow me..."

Now my heart is starting to pick up pace...more chocolate?!

My head wasn't actually prepared to fathom the magnitude of chocolate I was about to see, so I will only describe my reaction to seeing three large boxes of Lindt chocolate sitting in my office space as pure joy.

Nevermind Brian's announcement of TAKE AS MUCH AS YOU WOULD LIKE....

Do my ears decieve me? Did he say what I thought he said?

Suffice it to say that the next 1/2 hour or so was spent in giddy elation as I sorted through the boxes of chocolate to see what was there...

And when Tom arrived the mania escalated...because quite frankly the giddiness was contagious, and when you have more than one chocolate enthusiest in the room there can quite possibly be no end to the madness. Suffice it to say there was much rejoicing...

In the midst of all this hilarity, we decided that July 15 should forevermore be dubbed Wonka Day. Fitting because seeing the mound of prettily wrapped chocolate reminded me of having visited Willy's factory.

There were even gold appropriate is that?

At any rate, Brian was this years 'Willy Wonka' [or more specifically King of Chocolate, Mayor of Wonka Day, Ruler of Chocolate Land], and to be sure, we will endeavor to keep the tradition going...however next year we will be hard pressed to recreate the presentation of over $1000 worth of chocolate to be distributed amongst our friends.

Apparently, the whole truckload that had to be destroyed, or conveniently 'disposed' of was worth $30,000.

We have all decided to try and ration ourselves, but if I do not write for a very long time, it is because I am enjoying my portion of the $1000 chocolate coma.


At 13:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooohh! that is a lot of chocolate. i like chocolate

At 14:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are few times I have ever been so jealous.


At 16:10, Blogger AfricaBleu said...


How long a drive is it from Oklahoma to Michigan again?

At 10:50, Blogger CA said...

Kassi, excuse me for my curiosity but I can't help but wonder what your reaction is to Pappys comment and link. I went there and it just looks like a polite porn site to me. How about it?

At 11:44, Blogger Kassi said...

Pappy: I hope I don't gain much weight either.

anonymous: Me too!

Ginny: I will share with you!

AfricaBleu: The drive is so worth it!

CA: While I have no problem with Pappy posting on my site, I can't endorse having a link from my site to a site that I would not want my children or friends reading. If Pappy wants to comment without leaving the link to his website, that would be perfectly okay. And something to consider is that I came from a place that was all too familiar with porn and very vacant of God. I hope that Pappy continues to read, and learns that perfection isn't required for God's love.

At 19:05, Blogger strunny said...

YUM, chocolate!
is there a way to take someone's comment off your blog? i had someone put a comment (actually has happened 2x) up on one of mine, just to point people to their blog, where there is one of two things going on -
1 - total weirdness (which is fine)
2 - heavy debate, about abortion, or other argumentative subjects...
this 2nd one i wanted to get rid of but there doesn't seem to be a way....thoughts?

At 19:52, Blogger Kassi said...

Sarah, I've posted to your blog site how you can take a comment off of your posts. Hope this helps!

At 20:51, Blogger CA said...

Well said...


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